Snow is the third environment in TrackMania Original. It was called Alpine back then.


A slow vehicle by nature, all the pickup needs to provide extreme sensations is to pick up speed by going downhill (or get a Turbo Boost). This vehicle’s large tires provide very arcade-like traction that allows the vehicle to take almost any turn at full speed — provided it holds the proper line. You will need to conserve your speed as much as possible if you want to finish the course without having to get out and push.


Alpine proposes to the driver a cross-country vehicle, pick-up style, with very low accelerations but a rather high maximum speed, moving in a snowy mountain landscape in Asia. Thanks to its large mass, the vehicle is inclined to take much speed in descents whereas it often labours to climb up upward slopes without boosts' help. The vehicle has a fast steering making the gameplay rather easy to master, replying accurately to player's orders, which place the environment in favourites of numerous trackmaniacs.