Stadium is the only environment in TrackMania Nations ESWC, and also in

TrackMania Nations Forever.


Stadium is by far the most popular environment of all the Trackmania games. It is also the most popular environment in Trackmania Nations, simply because it is the only environment in Trackmania Nations, and TrackMania Nations is FREE.


Many players have complained that the Stadium environment is too easy to drive, and that the car almost never skids, providing a "go-karts" feel and little entertainment. There are many players, however, who prefer Stadium to all other environments.


Stadium is a very different environment than the others, mainly because it takes place in, well, a stadium. Vehicle top speed is about the same as Bay, at about 900km/h. The car is very responsive, like in Bay or Alpine/Snow and also has a lot of grip. The turbo blocks are different than the other games too, being at 600 power instead of the normal (yellow) 400, or super (red) 800 power turbos.


The stadium car is fairly easy to drive with good handling and acceleration. Although it is a modified Formula 1 car to be able to drive on the dirt, that sacrifices the car's grip. The car can be quite hard to turn properly. The car's high speed means that crashes are bound to happen if your travelling over 500 km/h.

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