TrackMania Sunrise is the second game in the TrackMania series. Compared to TrackMania Original, the graphic details are much better, and car sizes are equivalent to block sizes. Nadeo said this game was designed for sensations. Indeed, you can drive at a ridiculous speed, about 1000kph.

Environments[edit | edit source]

TrackMania Sunrise includes 3 new environments.

Modes[edit | edit source]

This game features 4 game modes, of which 3 are new.

Additions from the original[edit | edit source]

TrackMania Sunrise has further additions over the original, some of which were later added in the Original edition of the original game. The player can import new car models and customize many more aspects of the game. The game features improved internet connectivity with a peer-to-peer system that allows players to share their cars, models, car skins, and more. The new track editor uses the mouse primarily, as opposed to the keyboard-driven original, and makes special effects like displaying text and changing the camera possible using Mediatracker.

Demo Game[edit | edit source]

Several demo versions had been distributed. The only one which is still usable is the last one. It shows TrackMania Sunrise eXtreme features. There is a restriction of the amount of blocks which can be used to build a track and so the game is limited: you can play online but only on demo tracks and tracks made with the demo version.

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